Voodoo Fly Line
Cheetah fly line yellow and greenCheetah fly line yellow and orange

Voodoo ‘Cheetah’ profile fly line


“A great range of lines – Remarkable quality and value”
The Voodoo series of lines continues the Caimore tradition of dependable performance at the keenest price.
Voodoo lines are characterised by low memory, suppleness, and durability. Additionally, all the lines incorporate an exposed loop for the slimmest possible looped leader connection.

Continuous improvement and new developments
In recognition of the rising trend for lighter tackle and longer casting, the range of sizes has been expanded. The mid and heavy weight Voodoo lines are longer than the lines they replace.

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Product Description

The Voodoo Cheetah line
The Voodoo Cheetah line has a slightly longer head with a compound front taper. So, for short distance casting the Cheetah line performs much the same as the equivalent standard WF line*. Aerialise a little more line and the comparatively heavier body soon starts to load the rod. Correspondingly more energy is imparted in to the line compared to the standard WF line whilst the length of aerialised line is still manageable. Performance against headwind is improved and increased distance for the same effort can be achieved.
The Cheetah head profile also improves role casting performance.
The Voodoo Cheetah lines are made with a colour change at the rear taper, and a choice of 2 colour combinations in 5 line weights.weight of the first 30ft of line minus the level tip determines the aftm rating of a line.

Specification and options:-

42 foot Hi-Vis orange head

with yellow running line.

aftm 6 – 10,
total length 100ft

42 foot Light green head

with yellow running line.

aftm 9 – 10, 

total length 120ft

aftm 6 – 8,

total length 90ft

All Cheetah lines have an exposed loop for quick leader change

*The weight of the first 30ft of line minus the level tip determines the aftm rating of a line.